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Professional Grade
Crypto Investments
Made Easy For You
Onboarding starts 4/1/19
Made for Investors, Not Only Traders
We go beyond just an exchange tool, we’re your partner
Best prices across
multiple exchanges
Research and Analysis
to empower you
Professional access
to new deals
We’re giving institutional investment research and Bitcoin to 10,000 people who join the waitlist.
Waitlist closes 3/30/2019.
How it works?
  • Join the waitlist
  • Invite at least 2 friends to increase your rank
The top 2500 will get 1 year of Goldlight Research ($119 value)
The next 2500 6 months of Goldlight Research ($59 value)
The next 2500 3 months of Goldlight Research ($29 value)
The next 2500 1 month of Goldlight Research ($9 value)
Everyone else will get 7 days free and access before the general public.
10 lucky users will win 0.1btc (~$360).
What is Goldlight Research? Goldlight is institutional grade crypto research made useable and relevant for you. We focus on long term trends, fundamental technology updates, and overall market sentiment. We do the work so you can invest like a pro.
Who we made Tradecipher for
We designed Tradecipher with you, the retail investor in mind. If you’ve ever thought:
I’ve heard about bitcoin and
I’d like to know more
I’d like to
diversify my investments
I’m looking for an investment
partner in crypto
I need some money to buy a house, car, or take my family on vacation
I wish crypto information was
easier to understand and use
I want early access
to cool new tokens
I want a place that has the
best liquidity and prices
I wish I could get the same kind of access that big investors get
You’re in the right place, Welcome Home.Request Access
Our Team
We previously built startups that were backed by Y-Combinator and other prominent angels. Our tech team built Foreign Exchange trading systems used by Wall street banks and we are all strong believers in crypto assets as a new alternative investment class. Besides the management, our team has 4 Engineers, 1 Growth and 1 designer.
Vikram Rangraj
Co-Founder, Product + Tech
Previously built PC game subscription service - YC W17. Expert in gamification, platforms, and marketplaces.
Emmie Chang
Co-Founder, Finance + Growth
Crypto investor, holdings in 20+ coins, YC W14 built a marketplace to over 1M users. Rice B.S.E.E /Texas MBA
Contact us here hello@tradecipher.com or Sign up now, it’s free to get started.