Tradecipher is more than just an exchange.

We designed a full service investment platform to simplify cryptocurrency investment, whether it’s your first time investing in bitcoin, or your one thousandth trade.

Our Founding Team

We previously built startups that were backed by Y-Combinator and other prominent investors. Our tech team has built Foreign Exchange trading systems used by Wall street banks and we are all strong believers in cryptocurrency as an investment class. In addition to our founding team we have a crew of dedicated engineers, research analysts and design staff.
Emmie Chang
CEO / Co-Founder
Emmie Chang is a Crypto investor and Y Combinator Alumna. She previously built and scaled an Ed-Tech company to tens of thousands of users and bootstrapped two other companies to multi-million dollar revenues. Emmie holds a B.S.E.E. from Rice university and an MBA from the University of Texas
Vikram Rangraj
COO / Co-Founder
Vikram Rangraj is a Y combinator alumnus and expert in product development and marketing. He was previously worked in the games and supplemental education spaces - both as a teacher, and in marketing and growth roles. He built and scaled a gaming subscription service to thousands of users. In 2013 Vikram helped develop and teach the first graduate level course in Gamification of Work in the United States.
Alexey Malashkevich
CTO / Co-Founder
Alexey Malashkevich has built Foreign Exchange trading systems used by numerous Wall Street Banks. He has significant expertise in enterprise architecture and has built engineering teams at a range of companies.

Enterprise Grade Technology

Tradecipher uses an Artificial Intelligence powered routing system to help secure the best prices and fastest execution for your purchases. We’re built to handle massive volume, multiple size trades and use all in-house built technology.

Bank Grade Safety + Security

Tradecipher uses enterprise-grade security technology and industry best practices to protect your assets and data. Our platform was built by a team that previously built trading systems for major national and international banks. We take every precaution to ensure your assets are secure, and soon we will allow you to keep your tokens in segregated accounts.

Goldlight Research

Goldlight is institutional grade crypto research made useable and relevant for you. We help you invest with confidence by taking the best information on crypto and making it actionable. We do the work so you can invest like a pro - without being one

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