Learn to trade Cryptocurrency

and Bitcoin like the pros

Master Class: 1 Month Online Course with weekly live coaching and trading sessions

Next Master Class Cohort Starts on January 6, 2020


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Trade smarter with more confidence

  • Understand and synthesize information from technical analysis indicators
  • Strengthen your trading mindset and minimize the errors incurred by emotions
  • Identify the ideal time to buy Bitcoin - and the ideal time to sell it for maximum profit

By the end of this month, you will:


You have some crypto or Bitcoin, now what? Use the skills in this course to increase your holdings

Who is this master class good for?


Get all the information and skills you need to navigate the markets to invest and trade with confidence


You've traded a bit, and want more. Learn the indicators, key points and skills needed to advance

Minimum 2 Hour commitment/week (recommended 3 hours)

  • Slides + videos on topics each week
  • One live educational workshop per week
  • One live charting class per week with open Q & A
  • Unlimited access to a trading coach 
  • Unlimited access to the internal trading community to share tips 

How does the 1 month 

session work?

Part 2

  • Candlestick analysis
  • Smoothing price action
  • Intro to trends & momentum

Week 1: Basics of Charting

  • Trade Management
  • Risk Management
  • Trade psychology & market cycles

Week 4: Beyond The Chart

Week 2: Trade Confluence

Week 3: Advanced Analysis

  • Using VPVR to time entries and exits
  • Identifying macro trends
  • Putting it all together

  • Advanced Technical Indicator Analysis
  • Finding market tops and bottoms

What We're Working On

Emmie Chang - CEO Tradecipher

Emmie Chang started her career building summer camp courses to teach programming. She's managed to condense years of Comp Sci knowledge into 3 month classes.

William Z Purdy - Lead Analyst

Will Is the Lead Analyst for Goldlight Research and has provided market insights and trade recommendations to thousands of aspiring traders over the past 6 years.

Vikram Rangraj - COO Tradecipher

Vikram has over 10,000 hours of teaching experience and is one of the top teachers in the country. He’s written nationally accredited curriculum for literature, science, cryptocurrency,  and more.

  • Tradecipher is the next generation crypto trading platform
  • All the features of a traditional exchange - optimized for you
  • An interactive community of traders to shares insight and resources
Vikram's probably not that much bigger...

Meet The Team

Next Master Class Session Starts December 5, 2019


We guarantee you will earn more than the cost of this course within 3 months of taking this course, or you'll get free training with us until you do!

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4 Live Charting Sessions

Access To A Trading Coach & Premium Resources

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4 Recorded Charting Sessions

Trade Together, Chat with Peers

4 Live Educational Sessions

4 Recorded Educational Sessions

6 Months of Access to Content


Check out what some of our users have said

I expected to learn a lot from this course, and I did. But I didn't expect to have so much fun. Thank you so much for a great class, Will!

Alan (Houston, USA)

Despite my experience as a finance professional there was still a lot I didn’t know about technical trading. This course is an absolute requirement if you want to trade crypto

Paola (Brasilia, Brazil)

Embrace Volatility - Start winning your trades

We're here for two reasons - to make money trading cryptocurrency, and to show as many people as possible how they can do the same. Between our exceptional instructors and our Goldlight Guarantee, you're going to be stunned at how much you learn, and how quickly you learn it.